Why see a dietitian?

Are you overwhelmed and confused by all of the nutritional information in the media? Would you like an individualised and balanced approach to eating that empowers you to take control of your nutritional health and well-being, with evidence to back it up?

At Perfect Balance Nutrition, our Dietitians have degrees and post-graduate training in the field of Dietetics. This gives us the clinical edge to be able to work out complex issues and apply solutions in simple, practical and effective terms.

We are able to deal with general healthy eating for all ages as well as nutrition relating to disease specific conditions.

Why are there no testimonials on your website?

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) has a strict rule of non-use of testimonials for promotional purposes. This is both to protect your privacy and to ensure that you and your circumstances are not exploited for promotional or monetary gain. For more information on professional standards, click the link below.

What is an Accredited Practising Dietitian?

An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) is fully qualified and registered with the Dietitians Association of Australia.

This means they must meet rigorous standards of accountability and satisfy requirements for ongoing registration, including adherence to the DAA Code of Ethics and proof of continuous professional development.

You can check the registration of any Dietitian by going onto the DAA website and entering their name.

Dietitians Association of Australia LinkAccredited Practising Dietitian Link
Do I need to have a referral to see a dietitian at Perfect Balance Nutrition?

The short answer is no. Anyone can seek advice from a Dietitian at any time by simply making an appointment. If you are considering seeking advice from a Dietitian you can call Perfect Balance Nutrition and arrange a consultation with one of our team.

What can I expect at my first visit?

Your first consultation involves an initial assessment, including medical history, any medications or nutritional supplements being taken, doing some measurements and finding out more about your lifestyle so that we can tailor a meal plan to fit your life.

We go over diet history and give general recommendations to get you started. All of your information is then plugged into metabolic calculations and an individual meal plan is given and discussed during your second visit.

How long will I need to continue to see the dietitian?

That depends on the individual and your circumstances. After the first two sessions, any further visits will be discussed and agreed upon by you and your Dietitian.

Will I see the same dietitian for all of my consultations?

Generally yes. However, if it is deemed that it would be best for you to see one of our dietitians who specialises in your particular circumstances, then that decision would be made after consultation between you and your current dietitian.

Can I claim my visits on Medicare, DVA or Private Health Insurance?

Yes. Rebates are available if an enhanced primary care plan is in place. If you have private healthcare with extras you will be able to claim your visit from your provider. It is always advisable to check with your Private Healthcare Insurance provider prior to your visit as rebates may differ between providers. We are also registered Department of Veteran’s Affairs Providers.

Can I see a Perfect Balance Nutrition Dietitian at any of your offices?

Yes you can

What should I bring to my first consultation?

Bring your Doctor’s referral if applicable. Also bring any recent blood test results and a list of any medications and nutritional supplements you are taking.

Prior to your first visit you will be emailed a food questionnaire, as well as a registration and consent form that you need to complete and bring with you so that we can get a complete picture of where you are at nutritionally.

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