Pre and Post-Hospitalisation

Nutrition Before and After Surgery

Did you know that it’s possible to optimise your nutrition before going into hospital?
Good nutrition before a hospital stay or surgical procedure improves your immune system, aids in recovery, and decreases surgical risks.
If you set your body up with the right nutrition, you’ll optimise your recuperation.

Good Nutrition for Good Surgery!

Patients often lose condition after a hospital stay. Interrupted sleep patterns and compromised food consumption can result in loss of weight and muscle mass, and a generalised decreased in immunity.

Good nutrition can improve immunity, accelerate recovery, and plays a vital part in rehabilitation.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians take all aspects of your lifestyle and disease condition into account. We’re experts in clinical nutrition therapy and will work with you to optimise your health so you can get back into life sooner.

Nutritional support to get you back into life.

Call and let us help you prepare to recover well.