Cancellation Policy & Procedure

1. Policy

Perfect Balance Nutrition values appointment times with our patients. Therefore, appointments will be scheduled exclusively for one patient at a time. This ensures that PBN professional staff and resources are dedicated to the patient booked for the designated session.

Missed appointments or last-minute cancellations result in costs to our business and disadvantages to potential clients that could have benefitted from the appointment time slot.

To ensure efficient use of our staff resources and time, patients are requested to provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. This will also provide adequate opportunity for the session time to be made available for other patients.
Without the requested notice, a cancellation fee of $35 may be charged to the patient in line with the cancellation policy.

2. Procedure

A reminder call or SMS will be issued by PBN to the patient the day before their allocated appointment. Failure by PBN to issue a reminder call or SMS does not void the patient of their responsibility to attend or reschedule their appointment with at least 24 hours notice.

All new PBN patients will be advised of the cancellation policy and procedure.

In the first instance, patients that contact PBN to cancel or reschedule their appointment with less than 24 hours notice will be provided with a reminder of this policy and advised that further cancellations without required notice will incur the cancellation fee.
On a second occurrence of a late cancellation or missed appointment, the Administration officer will request the patient to provide reasons for the cancellation without 24 hours notice.

The administration officer may use discretion to waive the cancellation fee if the patient provides a reasonable explanation for the missed or cancelled appointment, such as personal or family emergency. Otherwise the administration officer will consult with the relevant dietitian regarding a decision as to whether the cancellation fee will be applied. The administration officer will then recontact the patient to advise of the decision.